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Which of these ineffective parenting techniques do you use?
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How often do you yell at your kids?

Yelling isn’t just ineffective. It’s also harmful to your child’s development.

  • Yelling is an expression of anger. It teaches kids to fear you rather than understand the consequences of their actions.
  • A study in The Journal of Child Development demonstrated that yelling can have similar long-term consequences as physical violence.
  • Kids who are yelled at are more likely to have increased anxiety, depression and behavioral problems.

But you’re already on your way to becoming a better parent!

How would you describe your family arrangement?
How would you rate your partner's support in parenting?
How happy are you with your family and home dynamics?
How often do you feel stressed or overburdened with parenting?

Benefits of your personal 28-Day No-Yelling Parenting Challenge:

  • Based on 40+ years of experience working with 100,000+ kids and families
  • Get actionable, practical tips from everyday parenting situations
  • Stop yelling and improve your relationship with your kid
  • Designed for busy parents: Only takes 3-5 minutes of your time per day
  • Daily reminders keep you accountable to make progress every day
What do your mornings look like?
My kids listen to me and obey me when I ask them to do something
I’m good at keeping my cool in stressful situations
I am successful in motivating my kids
Sometimes I want to punish my kids but I’m afraid to be the bad guy
Sometimes I want to reward my kids but I’m not sure how to do it

A few minutes for improving your parenting daily can transform your family and your kids’ future

You already have a solid base in your parenting, and you would greatly benefit from practical advice that will help you take it to the next level.

Parents like you, who are committed to being the best version of themselves, have the most chances of maintaining a good relationship with their kids, even when they become adults.

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