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Terms and Conditions

The website and all published content on this page are the property of the company WCC d.o.o. The content may be used only for non-commercial purposes and they may not be reproduced, copied or distributed in any other way without the permission of the company.

The company reserves the right to make any changes to the content published on the website

1. General conditions

The general conditions of website have been compiled in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act (ZVPot), the Personal Data Protection Act (ZVOP-1) and the Electronic Communications Act (ZEKom-1) + the Consumer Protection Act against unfair business practices (ZVPNPP).

The website is managed by the company WCC d.o.o., Cankarjeva 4, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia, registration number: 8371946000, VAT number: SI 41841727.

The general terms and conditions determine the operation of website, the rights and obligations of the customer, member and the website and they regulate the business relationship between and the buyer.

The buyer is bound by the general conditions in force at the time of purchase (placing an order in the purchase or subscription system). When placing an order, the customer is always reminded of the general terms and conditions and confirms his acquaintance with them by placing the order.

2. Accessibility of information

The company (provider) undertakes to always provide the customer with the following information:

  • Company information (name, registered office and register number)
  • Company contact information (e-mail)
  • Essential features of products and online courses
  • Accessibility of products or service (each product or service offered by will be available to the customer within a reasonable time)
  • Prices are clearly and unambiguously determined
  • Method of payment and exercise of the service
  • Deadline within which it is possible to withdraw from the service and conditions for withdrawal (description of the right to withdraw in accordance with Article 43. ZVPot, in cases where the customer in accordance with Article 43.č ZVPot is not entitled to withdraw, the customer is explicitly informed)
  • Explanation of the complaint procedure

3. Offer of services

Due to the nature of online business, the offer of online products and services are updated and changed often and quickly. All courses and products are conducted by experts from selected industries, for which both experts and the provider undertake that the services offered will always be of the highest quality and to the satisfaction of users.

Any member who has purchased a course can view the course and also have access to all available recordings. Payment for the service or product guarantees the customer that he receives the specific content of the course/product he has purchased.

4. Method of payment

The provider enables the following types of payment:
– via Paypal
– By credit card
The provider issues an invoice on a durable medium, with a breakdown of costs. The sales contract is stored in electronic form on the provider’s server and accessible to the customer on his e-mail.

5. Prices

The price of each product/service is published on the website. All prices include VAT, unless explicitly stated otherwise. Prices are valid at the time of placing the order. Prices are valid in case of payment with the above mentioned payment methods and under the above mentioned conditions.

6. Complaints

The provider complies with applicable consumer protection legislation. The provider is obliged to establish an effective system for handling complaints. In case of problems, the customer can contact the provider via e-mail. The procedure for submitting complaints is possible via e-mail or in writing to the company’s address. The provider undertakes to respond to the complaint within eight working days with a proposal for further consideration of the procedure. The provider strives to do its best to resolve any disputes amicably.

7. Refunds

Within ninety days from the day of course purchase, you have time to request a refund by writing an email to [email protected]. After receiving the complaint, you will receive a refund within 10 working days of confirmation.

8. Settlement of obligations and non-payment

In the event of non-settlement of obligations by the member or the buyer, the customer may be charged additional costs of overdue notice and default interest, according to applicable law.
The customer is obliged to check whether he has received the invoice by e-mail and all folders in the e-mail (Promotions, Spam,…). It is also the client’s duty to notify us of any errors in the invoice via the e-mail. It is the responsibility of the client to repay its obligations for which it has a valid contract for.

9. Right to privacy

The provider undertakes to permanently protect all personal data of customers. These will be used exclusively for sending information material, offers, invoices, own research and for other necessary communication.

10. Data protection

The website processes users’ personal data on the basis of law and / or on the basis of the user’s voluntary consent. It will also process the data on users collected on the basis of the law in accordance with the regulations governing the protection of personal data and other regulations on the processing of personal data for all types of data processing and storage.

The company may verify the accuracy of the submitted personal data by inspecting the identification document or other relevant public document of the individual to whom the data relates to.

The customer has the right to view, transcribe, copy, supplement, correct, block and delete personal data relating to the customer.

A subscriber who is a legal entity, sole proprietor or other organization that enters into a subscription relationship on its own behalf, and the actual user of the services is a member of such an organization or uses the services on the basis of the authorization of such an organization, is obliged to inform all individuals who basis of such a use the services on the contract between the website and the legal entity about the purposes for which and their contractual processors will process their personal data.

The organization, which is the client of the services offered by the Company, provides insight into all the consents of individuals that the website needs to process personal data.

In order to protect data, the website takes appropriate measures and uses methods and means to ensure data protection.

WCC, storitve, d.o.o., Cankarjeva 4, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia, VAT number: SI41841727, Registration number: 8371946000

General Terms and Conditions have been in force since 1 March 2022.